Wednesday, December 7, 2011

3D Insect (Butterfly) for STAANM 150

Today I finished the 3D insect project for STAANM 150.  It may be better than my LEGO, but I think it took less time to model and to render.  I did spend more time on textures this time around however.

The final:

Early render with a terrible background and wing texture placeholder.  Mostly to check success of wing modeling.

Addition of mental car paint texture to wings to simulate iridescence.  The head is the only other shaded object.

An early composition render.  The background is too busy and the wing textures are not realistic and don't match up with the veins or other wings.

A render showing fur used on the thorax and head.  The eyes are also shaded with car paint.

An experimental composition later discarded because I wanted to maintain the blue color on the back of the wings (the front of the wings have orange and red patterns).

Close up of improved fur use, a fractal shader, and some abdomen modeling.

Final render for class.  Still needs to be updated with better texturing on the body as well as a change in lighting to make it more three dimensional.  Other than that, it's a good start.

A cleaned up render I did in March 2012 for my demo reel.  I reduced the depth of field, redid the body textures, adjusted the lighting to create a better core shadow on the body, and made a few other adjustments.

Any further suggestions are welcome.

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