Thursday, November 10, 2011

3D LEGO Minifigure for STAANM 150

Here's where I'll post my work from figure drawing, 2D, 3D, and my sketchbook in preparation for my animation major application at BYU.  I'll start off with my 3D here, as I have yet to find a scanner/hi res camera for my physical work.


 Rough shapes (day 2)

Better shapes (day 6)

Redid legs, added shading, started arm (day 16)

Modeled arms, hands, and sword and rendered with mental ray (day 19)

Detailed texture of sword guard and hilt (day 20)

Built room, added linked textures to head and torso, textured floor and walls (day 21)

Redid lighting, fixed wall textures, changed pose (day 25)

The only problem I have with this image is the head near the white ninja's right hand which is somewhat stuck in the floor.  Unfortunately, this image took 52 minutes to render, and I am hesitant to render it again to fix it.  Maybe I will later.

Update: I redid the final image for the end of class.  I simplified a lot of the meshes, redid the lighting, added depth of field, and rearranged some of the models in the background.